Our Program

The Speak Square helps young teens develop their public speaking voice, with the end goal of teaching them communication skills that will allow them to perform above and beyond in high school and college education, and eventually sets the stage for success in the modern workplace.

  1. What is public speaking, and why is it important? An introduction to forensics, what that means, and why confidence and the ability to present yourself are critical life skills.
  2. A guideline to getting rid of those small bumps in speech— the ums, ohs, and ahs. We’ll spend several days going through filler words, stutters, tones and speed, and help you find a voice that represents you!
  3. We’ll talk about credibility and how to develop confidence in yourself— and that isn’t just about public speaking. Essentially, we’ll go through doing research and being prepared to blow every room you stand up in away.
  4. Topics of conversation? As you start to develop your personality as a public speaker, we’ll learn and have discussions (and arguments) about relevant ideas— AI in education? Social media? A COVID-19 vaccine? The world belongs to science, and we’ll find it. This part of the program will throw you far into the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, and you’ll realize it all comes together! We’ll have guest speakers coming in and talking about these topics for several weeks. Not only are you the generation that’s going to code and research your way into the new age, you’re also going to be the one coming up with ideas!
  5. We’ll finish up with weeks talking about gender gaps and discontinuity in the workplace, and get speakers that show you that confidence and the ability to public speak can take you far in life, through school, college, and the workforce. Here, your skills will be put to the test— you’ll have impromptu conversations and give speeches, and everything we do will culminate in a ‘work presentation’; a project in which you and a team member will be given a relevant topic in STEM to research and then give the class a presentation on!